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Pigeon Corporation
Pigeon Corporation

We have utilized the plastic generated in the manufacturing process of baby bottles to design 100% recycled materials. In the products made from these materials, the color and texture of the raw materials appear.


They are trays with stone-like shape when turned over. Made of recycled plastic as raw materials, each product is unique, with no two patterns alike. They can be molded from various types of recycled plastic.


They are magnets in the shape of stone. The recycled plastic used as the raw material creates a completely unique appearance, producing a product with no two patterns the same. They can be molded from various recycled plastics.

tag plate

They are tag plates with stone-like shape. Due to the use of recycled plastic as the raw material, it is transformed into a product with a completely different expression and no two designs are the same. They can be formed from various recycled plastics.

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