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Rebirth Disuse Plastics To Unexpected Products

ParallelPlastics is a recycling plastic service that transforms unnecessary plastic products, laying dormant in company warehouses or factories, into brand new ‘usable products’. Unsellable outdated products, and plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process, are used as material and transformed into beautiful materials using ParallelPlastics' special recipe. Then, they are reborn into the most optimal original products by ParallelPlastics. Our service aims for a cyclical 'socio-industrial symbiosis' – from turning unwanted plastics from companies into products that can be used within the company itself.

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Another Plastic Recycling

ParallelPlastics is striving for a unique material recycling method that is different from existing plastic recycling. Unlike traditional recycling that focuses on restoring the original quality, this is another plastic recycling that considers from a different perspective that does not involve additional costs or energy.

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Do not add virgin, do not pelletize. Material recycle as is.

At ParallelPlastics, we do not use virgin plastics but instead produce all of our products using 100% recycled plastic. Typically, recovered plastic is sorted, cleaned, returned to pellets, and then further supplemented with new plastic, also known as virgin plastic, to restore its strength before being reused. However, at ParallelPlastics, we contemplate ways to utilize the unique textures born from 100% recycling rather than restoring the plastic to its original state. We consider the beauty and existence of recycled plastic in our designs. This approach leads to substantial cost and energy reductions, making recycling more accessible and usable.

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Designing the use of recycled plastic

Products born from ParallelPlastics are designed based on the characteristics of 100% recycled plastic. For instance, by creating products like key holders and magnets that don't require excessive strength, it's possible to manufacture without mixing in virgin plastic. The beautiful texture born from not over-segregating is one of the most attractive aspects of ParallelPlastics products.

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Organic texture born from mixing

Elastomers, polypropylene, PET resins, and plastics come in a wide range of types, each with different characteristics and functions. Some products are made from a combination of these materials, which can make recycling difficult. However, the unique attribute of ParallelPlastics is the organically beautiful texture produced by reusing these mixed materials without any need for unnecessary sorting. The concept behind this texture is based on natural stones and fossils. The warm and beautiful textures of stones and fossils result from tens of thousands of years of mixing on earth. Plastics are substances also born from fossil fuels on earth. Mixing them again by human hands and creating a stone-like organic texture is a very earthy and natural thing in our view.

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